what is ctv

what is CTV: The largest screen in the home can be used by advertisers to reach highly engaged consumers through connected TV (CTV), a rapidly expanding digital advertising channel.

CTV advertising has a lot of opportunity because over 54% of US households are “non-pay TV,” which means they have never subscribed to or canceled a traditional pay TV subscription.

This post will discuss CTV, its significance, how it functions, and how to purchase CTV advertising right now.

what is ctv


Any television that streams online video is referred to as a “connected TV” (CTV). These are often downloaded apps that allow users to broadcast videos. The following are examples of CTV devices:

• Smart TV – a TV with an app store and an internet connection built-in. This means that streaming videos to the TV doesn’t require any additional hardware.

• Connected Devices – These are internet-connected devices that plug straight into your TV and allow you to access apps and video streaming on the screen, regardless of whether the TV is a smart TV. Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire Stick are a few examples.

• Gaming Consoles –To stream video material to your television, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation basically function as linked devices with built-in app stores.


Why Is CTV Advertising Important?

CTV advertising is crucial for a number of reasons. The first benefit is that advertisers can reach those who don’t often watch television.

More people are watching CTV now that it’s easier to spray and more people have smart TVs. Marketers may target people when and where they’re most receptive to their messages.

Second, unlike linear TV ads, those on CTV are targeted to a far smaller audience. Consumers can be specifically targeted based on their interests, demographics, and important features by CTV advertisers.

This allows for unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in reaching the appropriate people at the right time with advertising messages.

Third, the effects of a CTV ad campaign can be monitored in real-time, making it a very measurable kind of marketing. They can then utilize that information to fine-tune their advertising strategies and determine which ones are most effective.

How Does CTV Advertising Work?

On smart TVs and other internet-connected devices, CTV advertising is a sort of digital advertising that appears within streaming content.

When watching TV series or live streams on streaming services like Tubi, Hulu, Peacock, and Pluto TV, CTV advertisements appear alongside the content.

Due to CTV advertising’s high targetability, advertisers may easily target particular audiences based on their interests, demographics, and other important factors.

Programmatic technology is used in CTV advertising to deliver commercials to viewers in real-time. Programmatic advertising utilizes algorithms to buy and sell digital ads, letting advertisers target specific residents and maximize drive hit.

How to Buy CTV Advertising

You must work with a programmatic advertising platform that specializes in CTV advertising in order to purchase CTV advertising.

These platforms offer you the power to target particular demographics, watch the result of your promotion endeavors, and refine your promotion tactics.

It’s crucial to take into account variables like audience targeting, ad designs, and ad order when purchasing CTV advertising. The metrics you’ll use to measure the sensation of your actions, such as viewability, completion rates, and engagement rates, should also be taken into account.

What’s the difference between CTV and OTT?

These acronyms stand for two different things, however, they are occasionally used interchangeably.

The actual hardware that connects to the internet and streams video is known as a connected TV. The term “over-the-top,” or simply “OTT,” refers particularly to the files and streams being displayed on a connected TV.

CTV mostly broadcasts OTT material.

What’s the difference between CTV and OTT

What are the benefits of CTV advertising?

In a post-IDFA world where privacy rules are making campaign measurement more challenging than ever, TV is becoming more and more popular with advertisers.

You can reach the proper audiences more successfully with TV, and you can do it without having to worry about adhering to ever-changing rules and regulations around cookies and IDFA.

Let’s go through a couple more advantages.

Precise audience segmentation and reporting

CTV, as opposed to conventional linear TV, gives marketers the ability to target particular audiences based on demographics, interests, context, time of day, device, and geography.

Advertisers can be sure they are putting ads that are contextually relevant given the abundance of available material.

This permits you to work additional efficiently, waste less advertising money, and ensure that your advertisements are visited by the right individuals.

It also provides more extensive and exact reporting, which allows you to steadily enhance the ad version.

Show up in the right places

Large-scale advertising purchases, such as programmatic banner ads, carry a significant risk of displaying your adverts in inappropriate contexts, which could ultimately harm your brand image.

Advertisers may be far more specific about where their material will be presented using TV advertising, reducing the danger of being in the wrong location at the wrong time.

Reach an ever-growing viewer base

CTV advertising might reach 92% of American households by 2022. While Generation Z and Millennials continue to make up the majority of the cohort, usage has spread across all age groups.

This implies that advertisers may reach a larger audience at a reduced cost, and viewers can see more relevant commercials than they would on traditional television.


CTV advertising is a digital promotion channel that is expanding fast and has a digit of advantages for advertisers.

TV advertising offers a special chance for advertisers to contact customers where they are spending their time thanks to its capacity to reach highly engaged audiences through the largest screen in their home.

Programmatic technology lets advertisers target customers, track results, and optimize their campaigns.

TV advertising is the best option if you want to reach a highly engaged audience precisely and effectively.

FAQs: What is CTV

What is CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) integrates internet-connected technologies into standard TVs to provide people access to online content and services without leaving home.

Why is CTV advertising important?

CTV advertising is crucial because it reaches a large and diversified audience beyond regular television watchers. Traditional linear TV ads lack its precision and efficacy.

What devices are considered CTVs?

CTVs include smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and other internet-connected devices that allow users to stream high-quality video content.

What is the difference between CTV and OTT?

CTV refers to the physical device used to watch and stream video content online, while OTT (Over-The-Top) is the delivery of video content via the internet with any device.

How does CTV advertising work?

CTV advertising uses programmatic technology to offer real-time adverts. Programmatic advertising automates digital advertising buying and selling, letting advertisers target specific residents and optimize drives.

What are the benefits of CTV advertising?

CTV advertising offers precision targeting, real-time performance tracking, flexibility, and a highly engaged audience.

What are some popular CTV streaming platforms?

Some popular CTV streaming platforms include Tubi, Hulu, Peacock, Pluto TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

How can I buy CTV advertising?

Programmatic advertising platforms that specialize in CTV advertising can be used to buy it. These platforms let you target specific consumers, track campaign results, and optimize advertising methods.

What metrics are used to measure the performance of CTV advertising?

Metrics used to measure the performance of CTV advertising include viewability, completion rates, and engagement rates.

Is CTV advertising effective?

CTV advertising works because it targets a highly engaged audience and tracks performance in real-time. It also offers more flexibility than linear TV commercials.

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